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UV Fade Resistant Glazing for Fire Department Doors

UV Fade Resistant Glazing for Fire Department Doors

April 13, 2016

The strength and integrity of a fire department glass garage door is important, but there are other facts to consider when making a choice about a manufacturer. One of those choices is the glazing type you want to incorporate into the doors frame

UV Glass on Fire Department Doors by ArmRLite

Glass options can be overwhelming and all too often customers choose to go with a “standard” glazing over options that might be better for them. In the case of fire departments, an option worth looking into would be ArmRLite’s UV glass. UV glazing on fire department doors can help prevent the color fading on equipment stored within the building.

Fire departments and their emergency responders are proud of their equipment and are often unhappy with a situation where the beautifully rich reds, golds, and blacks on their apparatuses fade into less than desirable shades. To prevent this, UV blocker glazing can be fitted into our fire department glass doors and serve to protect the equipment behind them.

UV blocker glazing is available in clear glass so while the colors of equipment behind them is protected, fire departments can still show off their pride to their communities without the hindrance of panels, frost, or tinted glass.

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