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Due to our exclusive welded construction, ArmRLite aluminum overhead sectional doors are capable of the highest degree of customization. Many of our options are not available though competitors and are only available with ArmRLite aluminum garage doors.

Step-Over Pass Door

  • Available on Overhead Doors up to 16’ wide
  • Left, Right or Center Location
  • 5-Year Welded Frame Warranty (Except the top section when trolley operated.)
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ArmRLite’s Step-Over Pass Door for our welded aluminum and glass overhead door models is ideal for commercial use where the general public will not be using it as an egress. Most often seen in service bays and gas stations, ArmRLite’s Step-Over Pass Door can also be incorporated into our welded residential doors. This pass door can not be used as a public egress since the 4" bottom bar poses a tripping hazard. If you require a pass door without this 4” bottom bar, please refer to ArmRLite’s exclusive ADA Compliant Pass Door. The Step-Over Pass Door is not ADA Compliant and is recommended for private use only.

• Available on our Titan™, Electra™ and Custom C.I.™ Models
• Consult with ArmRLite regarding headroom requirements
• Floor must be leveled
• Pass door is designed to swing out only
• Fitted with standard hardware – custom hardware or panic bars available for an upgrade
• Windload values and energy efficiency values for sectional doors are void when assembly is fitted with pass doors

ADA Compliant Pass Door

  • No Step-Over Bottom Rail
  • Standard, Vertical or High Lift
  • 5-Year Welded Frame Warranty (Except the top section when trolley operated.)
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ArmRLite’s exclusive ADA Compliant Pass Door is unique since it contains no step-over bottom rail. This ADA Pass Door is available for residential as well as commercial applications. The ADA Compliant Pass Door is built to the height and width as required by ADA guidelines and local codes. Some requirements include either a solid bottom panel or 10” high “kick plate.” A leveled floor is required and ADA Compliant Pass Doors are not available on projects with sloped or uneven floors. The ADA Pass Door comes with standard hardware, however, custom hardware or panic bar upgrades are available. The ADA Pass Door is located in the center of the door assembly and designed to swing out only. The Pass Door can contain solid aluminum panels, 1⁄8” tempered glass or a lightweight glazing alternative. The overhead door must be motorized with a pass door interlock switch. The ADA Compliant Pass Door is available on our Titan™ or Custom C.I.™ models.

Width: 8’ 0” – 10’ 0“
Height: 9’ 0” – 14’ 0”
Headroom: 24” minimum
Sideroom: 5 1⁄2” minimum sideroom on each side of opening (If two or more overhead doors are located next to each other, a minimum column of 12” is required between the doors.)

Energy Efficiency Package

  • Insulated Frame
  • Reduces Water Infiltration
  • Polyurethane Foam
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ArmRLite’s Energy Efficiency Package is an upgrade option where all of the rails and stiles on our aluminum and glass overhead doors are injected with polyurethane expanding foam thereby insulating the aluminum frame and simultaneously forming a water-resistant feature. Insulating the rails and stiles will not eliminate water infiltration, however, it greatly reduces water infiltration as well as providing insulation benefits. For a fully insulated overhead door, insulated glass is needed as well as the Energy Efficiency Package. ArmRLite is the only glass garage door manufacturer able to accommodate 1” insulated glass units into our door frame. Other insulated glass options include 7⁄16” and 5⁄8” insulated glass units.

Heli-Arc Welding Method: Lengths of 6063-T5 alloy hollow aluminum extrusions are cut to size for rails and stiles. Stiles are then contour-milled and accurately joined to the rails by concealed heli-arc welds to produce flush, hairline joints and framework unequaled in strength and durability.

Energy Efficiency / Insulation Options: All of ArmRLite’s welded aluminum and glass models are available with our exclusive Energy Efficiency Package for maximum insulation and water resistance. Download PDF for details.

Push-Out Awning Window

  • Custom Colors to Match Door Frame
  • Easy To Close and Open
  • Seals Tightly Without Drafts
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ArmRLite is proud to offer Push-Out Awning Windows which will give customers the option to let fresh air into their homes and businesses safely and easily without having to open their sectional overhead door. These windows are easy to open and close and seal tightly without drafts. They are available for both operational doors and fixed units. Our Push-Out Awning Windows do not compromise the structure of our welded doors which ensures that each of our doors are built to last and exceed the expectations of our customers. These Push-Out Awning Windows are exclusive to ArmRLite and can be finished to match the door frame or custom color.

Matching Entrance Doors

  • Made to Match Garage Door
  • Custom Sizes and Design
  • Aluminum and Glass/Panel
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Matching entrance doors are custom designed to match and line up with adjacent ArmRLite overhead sectional doors. All aluminum and glass models by ArmRLite are available with Matching Entrance Doors. Our matching entrance doors operate as swing-out doors, separate from the adjacent ArmRLite overhead door. Please refer to our pedestrian pass door for egress options within our overhead garage doors. Matching entrance doors are not sold separately and are only available with the purchase of an aluminum and glass overhead sectional door by ArmRLite.

Corrosion Resistance Package

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Corrosion and rust-resistant options for garage doors are available through ArmRLite for applications in high moisture or corrosive environments. In harsh environments, standard steel garage doors corrode and rust resulting in an ugly appearance, unsafe operation and shortened product life. The Corrosion Resistant Package by ArmRLite offers options for customers dealing with less than ideal environments for standard steel garage doors and components: Economy Corrosion Resistant Option: Tracks and face hardware of our doors are powder-coated in standard black or white. Custom colors are also available for an upgrade. Powdercoated steel components are not as resistant to corrosives as stainless steel, however, they do offer greater protection of these parts than standard galvanized. Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Option: Rust-resistant stainless steel tracks, face hardware, stainless steel nylon rollers with sealed bearings and stainless steel cables are supplied for upcharge in lieu of our standard galvanized components to resist corrosion breakdown of parts.

Acoustical / Sound Reducing Package

  • Maximum Glass STC Rating of 35
  • Polyurethane Foam Filled Frame
  • Perfect for Recording Studios and Music Venues
Door Models Include:
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Due to our welded construction method, ArmRLite is able to provide a much larger array of glass types than commonly seen in our industry. Sound resistant glazing is a specialized glass that inhibits the transmittance of sound and can be accommodated within our welded aluminum overhead doors. ArmRLite’s Acoustical Glass has a maximum STC 35. Ideal for homes, businesses, conference rooms, recording studios, lecture halls, music venues, restaurants, and applications where the reduction of sound transmittance through an aluminum and glass sectional door is needed.

Polyurethane Foam Filled Frame
Standard ArmRLite aluminum frames are comprised of 4-sided hollow extrusions. For the Acoustical Package, all cavities of our tubular rails and stiles are injected with polyurethane foam creating a solid product. Polyurethane foam filled rails and stiles act as a sound barrier, reducing the amount of transmitted sound through our aluminum frame overhead doors while also providing insulation benefits.

Since 1958, ArmRLite has been the leader in custom glass garage doors offering an array of glass options. Non-insulated glass units are available in 1⁄8” and 1⁄4” thicknesses. Insulated glass units are available in 7⁄16”, 5⁄8” and 1” thicknesses. For custom glass thicknesses, please consult with ArmRLite. If your project requires a glass type that is not listed below, please contact us to determine if your specified glass is applicable in our products.

Custom Panel Options

  • Perforated Panels
  • Mesh Panels
  • Stamped Panels
  • Louver Panels
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Due to our exclusive welded construction, ArmRLite aluminum overhead sectional doors are capable of the highest degree of customization. ArmRLite offers a variety of panels options including solid, perforated, stamped, mesh and louver designs. The panel options provided below are examples of the kinds of customized panel designs you can achieve with ArmRLite, however, more designs are available.

Sloping Bottom Section

  • Commercial Applications
  • Residential Applications
  • 20-year frame warranty
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Many garage door manufacturers and installers in our industry adhere to the old belief that sectional doors cannot be installed on uneven floors. Where in the past a sloped floor would bring a garage door installation to a screeching halt, ArmRLite has developed a custom sloped bottom section rail for our welded aluminum garage door models. The sloping bottom rail does not negatively affect the warranty or structural integrity of our welded aluminum models, ensuring our doors will operate admirably for decades.

Flood Vents

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Flood vents can help protect homes and commercial buildings by preventing damaging water pressure buildup. When installed in an overhead sectional door, the vent operates by latching closed until it comes in contact with floodwater. The incoming flood water then lifts internal floats that unlatch and allow the vent to open. The floodwater is then able to freely enter and exit through the frame opening. This rotation then relieves the floodwater pressure. Each 16″ x 8″ vent is certified to cover 200 square feet of enclosed area for flood protection.

Limited colors and sizes available.

Mail Slots

Door Models Include:
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Perfect for either homes or businesses the sleek, clean design of these mail slots will not take away from the beauty of your ArmRLite door. ArmRLite’s garage door mail slots can be installed into solid panel in the customer’s choice of location. Each mail slot comes with weather seal.

Exterior (face) Dimensions: 14 1/16” wide x 6 5/16”

Color Choice: Clear Anodize, Black Anodize, Dark Bronze Anodize, or White*


  • Blinds Between Insulated Glass Units
  • No Pull Cord or Tilt Wand
  • Low-E Available
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ArmRBlind glass units offer privacy by sealing manually operable blinds within an insulated, dual pane glass unit. The blinds are operated with a manual slide toggle mounted to each glass unit rather than pull cords making these units safer than traditional corded blinds. The Arm-R-Blind is perfect for homes, hospitals, schools and any other application looking for quick privacy in their glass garage door. Since 1958, ArmRLite has been consistently manufacturing glass garage doors and has never compromised on the quality of our doors. Because of this, ArmRLite is able to produce replacement sections for any of our welded models, regardless of purchase date.


  • On Demand Glass Frost
  • Available in Seven Different Colors
  • Creates Privacy in a Second
Door Models Include:
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InstaFrost glass units offer privacy by instantly changing clear glass to frosted glass in a second with just a click of a button. InstaFrost is available on any of ArmRLite’s aluminum and glass model garage doors with the ability to customize each glass pane to include InstaFrost or keep the glass unit clear. This option cannot be retrofitted into existing overhead doors and must be manufactured into a new overhead door. InstaFrost is available in frosted shades of white, black, gray, blue, green, yellow and pink. Since 1958, ArmRLite has been consistently manufacturing glass garage doors and has never compromised on the quality of our doors. Because of this, ArmRLite is able to produce replacement sections for any of our welded models, regardless of purchase date.

Windload Rated

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For the garage door industry, a wind load garage door is assembled, designed and tested to meet a specific wind load value. Typically, garage door manufacturers will have a specific model tested for door impact ratings and can provide wind load rating data on that model based on the size of the overhead door. The smaller the garage door is, the better the wind load value available due to the smaller amount of surface area subject to wind pressure. If your garage door is wind loaded at 20PSF, you are covered for any PSF rating up to a maximum of 20PSF.

While the maximum wind load a product can withstand varies by size, ArmRLite can offer wind loading up to 180mph to protect homes and buildings in hurricane prone, high wind regions. Hurricane rated garage doors for high winds and high pressure can provide the highest level of protection for your situation and geographic region. If you need help identifying which wind load zone you fall into, we're here to help!
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NFRC Package

  • Tested U-Factor
  • Tested SHGC
  • Tested Visible Light Transmittance
  • Air Infiltration Rates also available
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ArmRLite’s NFRC Package offers maximum insulation values while helping comply with local and state-wide energy codes. ArmRLite’s Custom CI Model taken with insulated glass and our energy efficiency package provide tested energy values and an NFRC label. This label will help comply with codes such as the New York City Energy Code, Title 24, ETC.

ArmRSpeed Operator

  • 18" - 25" per second (Speeds depend on door weight and size. Please consult with ArmRLite.)
  • Up To 240 cycles per hour
  • Up To 5,000 cycles per day
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The ArmRSpeed high performance operator is designed to provide a faster open/close speed. The ArmRSpeed high performance sectional door operator is designed to provide a faster open /close speed (18"-25" per second*) when compared to standard sectional door operators (average 8" per second). The ArmRSpeed requires a minimum of 24" high lift and 36" of clear headroom. It is also rated for high usage and high reliability with estimated 240 cycles/hour and over 5,000 cycles per day. The ArmRSpeed Operator is a self-contained package with separate wall mounted control panel. Chain/sprocket coupling or direct coupling to driven shaft and emergency chain hoist are available on certain models. Weight limitations apply.

  • Nominal dimension of 16″L x 4.3″H x 4.3″W (excluding shaft)
  • Programmable to operate up to 25″ per second*
  • Closed loop control motion profile programming
  • Individual, programmable open and close speeds with controlled acceleration and deceleration for smooth, soft start and stop motion profiles
  • Obstruction sensing with programmable threshold level
  • Interlock capability with security system
  • Powered by 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 VAC at 60Hz

Safety Partitions

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Safety Partitions are the go-to solution to segment public spaces to meet social distancing guidelines. ArmRLite partitions are the go-to solution for schools, offices, or any public space that needs to be segmented or partitioned to meet COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. These act as containment zones, making it easier to stay safe, sanitize, and to control the environment protecting employees, students and customers from the disease.

Customization Options

We have all of the tools to allow you to order 100% customizable partitions. Safety partitions can be designed with feet or wheels to make it even easier to use and sanitize in various locations. Custom options listed below.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Glass
  • Mount Style
  • Feet or Wheels for Unmounted Units
  • Acoustic Glazing & Framing Available
  • Glazing Options up to 1″ thick (Glass, Plexi, Polycarbonate)
  • Frame Colors & Tints (Choose Clear Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum for fastest lead time)

Serenity Operator

  • Soft Start and Stop
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lightweight
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The Serenity Operator provides high speed, high cycle, and energy efficient service with ultra-quiet operation. This motor is ideal for carwashes, parking garages, cold storage, pharmaceutical, agricultural and food facilities. The Serenity Drive is compact and lightweight with fast open/close door cycles which are independently set. This motor is maintenance free with no belts, limit switches and stainless steel bearings. It’s soft start and stop is a smooth, ultra-quiet operation. The Serenity Drive Motor handles all AC voltage applications including 115, 208, 230, 460 and 575. The aluminum body can withstand corrosive and toxic environments as well as wet and cold temperature environments. The Serenity Drive Motor Operator requires a minimum of 24" high lift and 36" of clear headroom.


  • Dimensions of 4.3″ x 4.3″ x 16″ and 38 lbs
  • NEMA1 16″ x 16″ x 6″ steel case with open, close, and stop functions and power indicator light
  • Sealed and requires no maintenance
  • Brushless, DC, high reliability, high efficiency, and low maintenance motor
  • Operator can be connected to any of the following AC voltages: 115, 208, 230, 460, 575V AC single/three phase, 50/60Hz
  • Operational battery backup is provided with sealed batteries

Add-On Features

  • Battery backup
  • Axial chain hoist
  • Right angle chain hoist
  • Right angle chain hoist with brake

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