Consistency is Key

ArmRLite values every one of our customers. To that end, we’ve made it easy to order exact replacement sections or parts for our doors, regardless of model or fabrication year. Our competitors discontinue or modify their doors, making replacing damaged sections difficult, but ArmRLite has manufactured our doors consistently from day one. Whether you are looking for a replacement section on a door installed yesterday or 60 years ago, ArmRLite has your back!

Work Order Number

This sticker will always be on the inside of our doors attached to the center of the bottom rail. Each of our doors is assigned a unique serial number (WO#) upon creation. Having this serial number on hand when requesting your quote will help us address your inquiry as quickly and as accurately as possible. If you cannot locate a serial number or if the door is not manufactured by ArmRLite, please contact us by phone (800-554-5816) or through our contact us form. We would be glad to help you.

Replacement Parts Request Form