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ArmRLite can offer our customers a huge array of custom colors and finishes for our aluminum and glass overhead sectional doors and select steel roll up doors. Below are all of our custom color and finish charts for use by architects, builders, designers, and dealers/installers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding available colors and finishes.

Anodized Aluminum Finish — 20 Year Finish Warranty

Warranty void on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

ArmRLite’s anodized finishes are the product of an electrochemical process that converts the aluminum surface of our extrusions, panels and other aluminum door components into a corrosion-resistant and durable anodic oxide finish. ArmRLite’s anodized aluminum finish cannot peel or chip like painted surfaces as it is fully incorporated within the aluminum substrate beneath it. The colors shown below are subject to color variations, however, color chips are available upon request. Anodized finishes are available on doors up to 32’ wide. Please consult with ArmRLite regarding custom options.

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Standard Anodized Finish

ArmRLite’s standard clear anodized finish comes with a 20-year warranty except on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

Clear Anodized
Optional Anodized Finish

ArmRLite offers stock dark bronze or black anodized as an upgrade to our standard clear anodized. Dark bronze and black anodized finishes come with a 20-year warranty except on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

Dark Bronze Anodized

Black Anodized
Custom Anodized Finish

Custom anodized finishes are available in champagne, light bronze or medium bronze for an upgrade and may come with extended lead times. These custom anodized finishes are not considered part of the manufacturer’s full range and considered custom options only. Color chips are required for anodize matches if the color is not shown below. All anodized finishes carry a 20-year warranty except on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

Champagne Anodized

Light Bronze Anodized

Medium Bronze Anodized

Fluropon Finish — 20 Year Finish Warranty

Warranty void on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

Fluropon® fluoropolymer extrusion coatings are applied using the spray coating method. These spray-applied extrusion coatings are formulated to provide optimum performance against weathering, aging, and pollution. Fluropon® coatings can be custom mixed for color matches.

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This system provides a powerful chemical bond, superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation resulting in exceptional color retention, resistance to chalking and chemical degradation.

Regal White 391B485

Bone White 391X035

Colonial White 391A500

Churchill Hotel Lace 393B3696

Sandstone 393X321

Beige 393B379

Seawolf Beige 397F199

Light Grey 392B545

Charcoal 392F232

Buckskin 393B3718

Dark Bronze 397A509

Black 398F019

Hartford Green 395F518

Patina Green 395B899

Slate Blue 396B1082

Regal Blue 396F276

Lemon Shine 393A992

Terra Cotta 394F068

Redwood 394X409

Brandywine 394A1235
Fluropon Classic II

This coating system consists of a special primer and a durable color coat containing mica pearlescant flakes, the appearance will be directional in nature.

Pearlescent White 399C6825

Bright Silver 399X440

Satin Nickel 399C2384

Gatwick Silver 399A998

Zactique 399C491

Copper Reflection 399C209

Sage 399C1132

Bright Gold 399A651

Gold Watch 399A544

Coral Reef 399C2332

Classic Copper 399C228

Dark Gold 399C2397

Aged Copper 399C113

Royal Mist 399C1510

NY State of Mind 399C6710

Charred Blue 399B257
Fluropon Premiere

This coating system is used when a bright color is desired. It provides outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation resulting in exceptional color retention and resistance to chalking.

Fireside SL4A498

Autumn Blaze SL3A1023

Carnival Red II SL4A139

East Georgia Green SL5A208

Melrose Green SL5A165

Laguna Blue SL6A1014

Lion Blue SL6A018

Deep Blue SL6A1030

Nisha Plum SL6A026

Black SL8A007

RAL Powdercoat Finish — 1 Year Finish Warranty

Warranty void on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

RAL Powdercoats are available on any of ArmRLite’s aluminum sectional doors and some steel models. RAL Powdercoats include a one-year finish warranty except on installations within 1 mile of saltwater. Please consult with ArmRLite regarding specific finishes for your overhead sectional door.

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RAL1000 49/15200
RAL1001 49/15190
RAL1002 49/22590
RAL1003 49/22580
RAL1004 49/22570
RAL1005 49/22560
RAL1006 49/22550
RAL1007 49/22540
RAL1011 49/151180
RAL1012 49/22530
RAL1013 49/11280
RAL1014 49/15170
RAL1015 49/15320
RAL1016 49/22520
RAL1017 49/22510
RAL1018 49/21830
RAL1019 49/13660
RAL1020 49/22500
RAL1021 49/22280
RAL1023 49/22490
RAL1024 49/22480
RAL1027 49/22470
RAL1028 49/22460
RAL1032 49/22450
RAL1033 49/22240
RAL1034 49/23910
RAL1037 49/20096
RAL2000 49/24570
RAL2001 49/24560
RAL2002 49/24550
RAL2003 49/24540
RAL2004 49/24530
RAL2008 49/24340
RAL2009 49/24360
RAL2010 49/24520
RAL2011 49/24580
RAL2012 49/24690
RAL3000 49/33120
RAL3001 49/31120
RAL3002 49/31110
RAL3003 49/31100
RAL3004 49/33900
RAL3005 49/31900
RAL3007 49/31910
RAL3009 49/31920
RAL3011 49/31090
RAL3012 49/31940
RAL3013 49/31950
RAL3014 49/31080
RAL3015 49/33670
RAL3016 49/31980
RAL3017 49/31060
RAL3018 49/31050
RAL3020 49/31040
RAL3022 49/33700
RAL3027 49/33660
RAL3031 49/34730
RAL4001 49/43160
RAL4002 49/31030
RAL4003 49/32270
RAL4004 49/31020
RAL4005 49/42780
RAL4006 49/32090
RAL4007 49/32540
RAL4008 49/32280
RAL4009 49/34740
RAL4010 49/40490
RAL5000 49/42200
RAL5001 49/42200
RAL5002 49/42220
RAL5003 49/42230
RAL5004 49/42240
RAL5005 49/43190
RAL5007 49/42250
RAL5008 49/42260
RAL5009 49/42270
RAL5010 49/42280
RAL5011 49/43180
RAL5012 49/43170
RAL5013 49/42310
RAL5014 49/42320
RAL5015 49/42330
RAL5017 49/40760
RAL5018 49/41140
RAL5019 49/42360
RAL5020 49/44270
RAL5021 49/41190
RAL5022 49/42390
RAL5023 49/44650
RAL5024 49/44660
RAL6000 49/53160
RAL6001 49/52900
RAL6002 49/52890
RAL6003 49/52880
RAL6004 49/50980
RAL6005 49/50670
RAL6006 49/552870
RAL6007 49/52860
RAL6008 49/53240
RAL6009 49/52840
RAL6010 49/52830
RAL6011 49/52820
RAL6012 49/51540
RAL6013 49/52810
RAL6014 49/52800
RAL6015 49/52790
RAL6016 49/51020
RAL6017 49/52780
RAL6018 49/52720
RAL6019 49/51000
RAL6020 49/52710
RAL6021 49/52700
RAL6022 49/52690
RAL6024 49/52680
RAL6025 49/52670
RAL6026 49/52660
RAL6027 49/50990
RAL6028 49/52650
RAL6029 49/52640
RAL6032 49/52630
RAL6033 49/55010
RAL6034 49/55020
RAL7000 49/72700
RAL7001 49/72710
RAL7002 49/72720
RAL7003 49/72600
RAL7004 49/73300
RAL7005 49/72590
RAL7006 49/72580
RAL7008 49/72570
RAL7009 49/72770
RAL7010 49/72560
RAL7011 49/72790
RAL7012 49/71180
RAL7013 49/72550
RAL7015 49/72820
RAL7016 49/72830
RAL7021 49/72540
RAL7022 49/72850
RAL7023 49/72530
RAL7024 49/72870
RAL7026 49/72880
RAL7030 49/72890
RAL7031 49/72520
RAL7032 49/72910
RAL7033 49/72510
RAL7034 49/72500
RAL7035 49/73510
RAL7036 49/72950
RAL7037 49/72480
RAL7038 49/72470
RAL7039 49/71020
RAL7040 49/75470
RAL7042 49/73250
RAL7043 49/72460
RAL7044 49/75480
RAL7045 49/77890
RAL7046 49/72010
RAL7047 49/72020
RAL8000 49/66170
RAL8001 49/66160
RAL8002 49/66150
RAL8003 49/66140
RAL8004 49/66130
RAL8007 49/66120
RAL8008 49/66110
RAL8011 49/66100
RAL8012 49/66090
RAL8014 49/65230
RAL8015 49/63040
RAL8016 49/66080
RAL8017 49/65220
RAL8019 49/65490
RAL8022 49/63080
RAL8023 49/66070
RAL8024 49/66060
RAL8025 49/66050
RAL8028 49/66500
RAL9001 49/10016
RAL9002 49/70520
RAL9003 49/11400
RAL9004 49/81950
RAL9005 49/82830
RAL9010 49/11500
RAL9011 49/80540
RAL9016 49/11340
RAL9017 49/80550
RAL9018 49/72490

Faux Wood Finish — 10 Year Finish Warranty

Warranty void on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

Faux Wood Finishes from ArmRLite are available on any of our custom made aluminum sectional doors including our Titan™ model. This finish is maintenance-free and provides the same look as wood without the consistent cleaning. In addition, ArmRLite’s Faux Wood Finishes will not fade in sunlight and warrantied to be free from defects for 10-years except on installations within 1 mile of saltwater.

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Cherry Flame


Dark Walnut

Oak Assi
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