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ADA Compliant Walk-Through Garage Doors

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When Your Entrance Matters!

Home and business owners have depended on the leading-edge design and manufacturing experts at ArmRLite for over 60 years to provide them with customized, durable, walk-through garage doors. Our glass garage doors and man doors feature unique 100% welded construction that offers you the highest degree of garage door customization available. Our overhead doors and walk-through access doors provide unparalleled beauty and durability and will provide you with consistent functionality. You’ll never have to worry about a broken garage door, pass-through door glass panel, or worn-out parts causing your garage to be inaccessible or resulting in extended business shutdowns since we can provide replacement panels and parts for every garage door with built-in man door we’ve ever produced. ArmRLite can design and manufacture a top-quality glass garage door with built-in man door that meets your specifications and vastly enhances the appearance of your home or business. Since 1958, we’ve been trusted by home and business owners nationwide to provide them with top-quality garage doors with walk-through doors.

Residential and Commercial Applications

An Ideal Garage and Pedestrian Solution

We value our customers and strive to offer the best, most useful products in the industry while allowing them the highest degree of flexibility with regard to their unique applications. ArmRLite is currently the only garage door manufacturer to manufacture two types of customizable pedestrian doors in conjunction with our overhead garage doors. Our pass-through garage doors are ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Modern Residential Homes
  • Fire Department Bay Doors
  • Auto Repair Shop Doors
  • Car Dealership Garage Doors
  • Glass Rollup Doors
  • Patio Garage Doors
  • Coffee Shop & Restaurant Rollup Doors
  • Brewery Doors
  • Winery Doors
  • Retail Store Rollup Doors

Featured Walk-Thru Garage Doors

Garage Door with Pedestrian Door

Garage Door with Pedestrian Pass-thru Door

Walk through Garage Doors

Inside View of our Walk-thru Garage Door at Starbucks

Garage Door with Man Door

ADA Complaint Pass-thru Door

Each of our top-quality, durable walk-through access doors features unique capabilities that meet different usage and egress requirements:

ADA-compliant Pass Doors

Our no-step-over pass door is the only garage door with built-in man door on the market for commercial and residential applications that is wheelchair accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This exclusive ADA-compliant pass door is unique in that it is constructed with no step-over bottom rail, except where requirements include either a solid bottom panel or a 10-inch high “kick plate.” It is built to the height and width required by ADA guidelines and local codes and is available up to 10 feet wide in our welded Titan™ model. ArmRLite’s ADA-compliant walk thru doors are designed for motorized overhead garage doors with a pass door interlock switch and can be built with insulated or non-insulated glass or solid aluminum panels in a variety of colors. The pass door itself is available with ⅛-inch tempered glass or lightweight glazing and standard or panic hardware. ArmRLite’s ADA-compliant pass-through garage doors are covered by our 5-year welded frame warranty. For additional product information, please visit this page or contact us with questions..

Step-over Pass Doors

If your walk-thru door will not be used as an egress for the general public, our step-over man doors are the perfect solution for your residential or commercial private-use application. Our welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors with step-over man doors add durable, stylish functionality to gas stations, service stations, repair shops, and homes throughout the nation. Available up to 16-feet wide with insulated or non-insulated glass or solid aluminum panels in a variety of colors, our welded garage door with step-over man door is covered by ArmRLite’s 5-year welded frame warranty. The step-over door can include ⅛-inch tempered glass or lightweight glazing and features a 4-inch bottom bar, making it unsuitable as a public egress. Our step-over pass door has been the walk-thru access door of mechanics in the car care industry for over 60 years. The step-over man door is available in our welded aluminum Electra™and Titan™ models. Mechanics working for companies like Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, and BP Oil are enjoying the convenience and durability of our Electra garage door with step-over pass door. For limitations and extended information, please vsit this page.

ArmRLite Customizable Glass Overhead Doors with Walk-through Doors

We can leverage our array of customizable style options to create an attractive, durable,, one-of-a-kind commercial or residential overhead door with built-in pedestrian door that is functional for your needs. Options include ADA-compliant pass-through doors, step-over pass doors, crank-out awning windows, energy-efficient packages, individual exterior and interior paint colors, crank-out awning windows, and more. Our ADA-compliant pass doors are available up to 10 feet wide in our welded Titan™ model, and our step-over pass doors are available Electra™ and Titan™ models:

Titan Commercial Aluminum and Glass Overhead Doors

Titan® Overhead Sectional Door

Aluminum / Glass
Ideal for Fire stations, truck service facilities, loading docks, manufacturing plants, restaurants, interior partitions, hospitals, and residential homes.
Electra Overhead Sectional Door

Electra® Overhead Sectional Door

Aluminum / Glass
Ideal for service stations, car washes, car care centers, fire stations, workshops, greenhouses, restaurants, residences, agricultural applications, and car washes.
Garage Door with Pedestrian Door   Mfg
Designed & Manufactured in the USA
Manufacturing Facility, Piscataway, New Jersey

The ArmRLite Process

ArmRLite’s outstanding customer service team will help you create the perfect walk-thru garage door for your home or business!

  1. Expert Advice and Recommendations. Contact ArmRLite to speak to one of our specialists, who will ask you a few questions to help us understand your needs, specifications, ideas, and budget. Our friendly and experienced customer service representatives will discuss walk-through garage door customization options with you and offer recommendations to help make your vision of a stylish, functional garage door for your home or business a reality.
  2. Design Approval. ur talented designers can use CAD drawings supplied by your architect or create a design for your walk-thorugh garage door by referencing your specifications and pictures of your home or business. You’ll have the opportunity to review the plans and request adjustments before approving the design.
  3. Customized Fit. Our highly experienced, detail-oriented manufacturing team will fabricate your durable, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing sectional garage door with pass-through door to perfectly fit your new or existing building.
  4. Made In The USA. Our highly experienced, detail-oriented manufacturing team will fabricate your durable, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing overhead door with man door to perfectly fit your residential or commercial space.
  5. Guaranteed Price. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed price quote for your residential or commercial garage door.
  6. Professional Installation. One of our licensed professional contractors will install your new residential or commercial garage door to ensure proper functionality and security.

When Your Entrance Matters!

When Your Entrance Matters!

When you choose ArmRLite for your home’s or commercial building’s entrance solution, you’re making a wise investment that will captivate your customers, impress your neighbors, and protect your family and employees.

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