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American Made Firehouse Glass Garage Doors

ArmRLite has been providing our welded aluminum and glass garage doors for public and private fire stations for more than 60 years. Architects, community administrators, and fire chiefs trust the ArmRLite brand because of our dedication to our products and our unwavering commitment to the strength, quality, and integrity of our doors.

We know our doors are the best in the industry; that is why we offer an unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty on all of our welded models. Our warranty is our word that your ArmRLite door will not sag or separate like competing models and will perform admirably for decades.


Best Warranties

ArmRLite offers the best warranties in our industry! 20 year welded frame warranty, 20 year warranty on anodized finishes, 20 year warranty on Kynar®/ Duranar® finishes, and 10 year warranty on faux wood finishes. Warranties are always the best indication of true quality and value.


Express Service

For fire departments the tick tock of a clock is not just the progress of time, but a count down. When lives are on the line and crises wait for no one, the confidence of having an ArmRLite door is a liberation for fire chiefs and their staff. ArmRLite has express service for replacement parts and sections for fire houses with knock-outs or damaged doors.


Replacement Parts

Fire stations with ArmRLite doors have never and will never experience the aggravation of being told their welded model has been discontinued or that replacement parts are not available. ArmRLite has been constructing our doors consistently for more than half a century, meaning we can and do provide exact replacement sections for our doors that have been in the field for more than 50 years!

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