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Overhead Sectional Security Doors

July 21, 2016

ArmRLite is proud to offer welded aluminum framed overhead sectional security doors which are perfect for applications that need extra security due to theft or bug invasion risks.  Distribution centers, parking garages, correction and pharmaceutical facilities may all find overhead security doors ideal for their properties. Depending on your application, ArmRLite can help you provide extra security for your business or home.

Chain Link and Mesh Screen Overhead Sectional Security Doors

Overhead Sectional Security DoorsChain link or mesh overhead sectional security doors are available from ArmRLite providing either air space requirements or can help alleviate bug infestation. Chain link overhead security doors offer maximum visibility in security conscious environments. Mesh screen overhead security doors are available to meet the Federal Specifications STDA-A-1037B. These overhead security doors are effective for addressing bug and vermin infestations as well as general curb theft. ArmRLite offers both standard and custom colors on our overhead security doors as well as various add-on options like corrosion resistance, perforated panels and pedestrian pass door/ADA compliant man door.  There is also a variety of mesh panel designs like diamond, square, weave and fine weave. 


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