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Insulated Impact Glazing for Glass Garage Doors - Feature

Insulated Impact Resistant Glazing

April 13, 2016

Insulated impact resistant glazing for glass garage doors is now available through ArmRLite. This glazing is great for projects in areas that require large missile impact resistant glass but also need an extra push in energy efficiency.

Insulated Impact Resistant Glazing in Glass Garage Doors

Currently, ArmRLite is the only manufacturer of glass garage doors in the US that can accommodate a 1” insulated glass unit into our frames. By allowing our glass units to exceed the ½” IGU maximum of our competitors, ArmRLite has opened up a door to options that have never been available before.

Among these options is a 1” thick insulated impact resistant glass unit. We can now contain a large missile impact glazing unit in an insulated glass unit complete with spacer this 1” unit is exclusive to ArmRLite and is available in clear, frosted, or tinted options.

Please contact us for further details or prior to specifying for your project.

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