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Water and Wind Damage on Garage Doors

Water and Wind Damage on Garage Doors

July 15, 2016

Water and wind damage on garage doors is a frequent problem for properties that are located on or close to open waters. Not only are hurricanes an issue, but the increasing amount of winter storms also has a severe impact on waterfront properties.

Solutions for Water and Wind Damage on Garage Doors

Water and Wind Damage on Garage Doors

ArmRLite offers both corrosion and windloaded options for our aluminum and glass overhead doors which help alleviate issues of water and wind damage. ArmRLite’s Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Package is our top of the line corrosion prevention option offering stainless steel components including the tracks, face hardware, rollers and cables. For a more budget friendly option, ArmRLite can powder coat these components helping you stay within budget. For even more protection, add the windloaded option to your corrosion package to protect your door from coastal storms. ArmRLite can help you determine what type of windloaded door you need depending on your local code. Even though we’re in the midst of hurricane season, winter storms are also known for causing extensive water and wind damage so let ArmRLite help protect your property year round!

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