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Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors Part #3

June 18, 2014

Exposure to hurricane winds is an important factor for garage doors. Our last hurricane blog post discussed why a garage door should be closed prior to a high wind event. In today’s safety tip, we will explain the dangers of non-manufacturer specified reinforcement.

Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors: Dangers of Non-Manufacturer Specified Reinforcement

ArmRLite garage doors are built to last decades; however, the garage door, springs, cables, and hardware are all part of a delicate balancing system. This system ensures your door operates smoothly and efficiently regardless of motor or manual operation. Adding weight to any garage door is dangerous and can easily result in property damage or personal injury.

According to DASMA, owners should never add reinforcement, especially non-manufacturer specified reinforcement, to a garage door themselves. Failure or collapse of the supporting tracks and components can result as they may not be capable of bearing the extra weight. When a garage door is designed, the weight of the finished door determines what type and strength hardware, springs, and track the door will be fitted with. Non-manufacturer specified reinforcement alterations to the door, even as prep for a high wind event such as a hurricane, can compromise your garage door and damage your home or business. Upgrading garage doors with reinforcement should only be done by trained door technicians with a manufacturer approved reinforcement package including appropriate springs, hardware, and supporting track.

If you are interested in upgrading your ArmRLite garage door with reinforcement for high wind events, please contact us. June is the start of hurricane season! Be sure to check back with us again for more safety tips regarding hurricane winds and garage doors.


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