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Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors, Part #2

June 9, 2014

Garage doors that will be subjected to hurricane force winds or high wind events can cause damage or injury if not operated or secured properly prior to the event. Our last hurricane blog post explained why backing a vehicle or piling belongings against your garage door during a hurricane is not recommended. This time we will focus on why having your garage door closed prior to a high wind event is safer than leaving it open.

Hurricane Force Winds and Garage Doors: Keeping your Door Closed – Tip #2

According to DASMA, your garage door should always be closed prior to a high wind event. It should also be wind load rated for your area if codes apply. If a garage door is left in the open position during a hurricane, it leaves the interior walls, roof, and ceiling of the structure vulnerable. A vulnerable structure is at a greater risk for structural damage and possible collapse.

Be sure to stop by our blog again for more garage door safety tips for high wind events and hurricane force winds!


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