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Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors, Part #1

June 3, 2014

A garage door’s performance during a high wind event is an important issue for the east, west, and gulf coast regions. Since hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, overlapping Garage Door Safety Month, ArmRLite will be posting several tips and items for garage door owners to keep in mind as they ready themselves for the 2014 hurricane season.

Hurricane Force Winds and Garage Doors: Safety Tip #1

According to DASMA during a high wind event a garage door (commercial or residential) has the potential to be either forced into the garage or pulled out of the garage door opening. Backing a vehicle, furniture, or other objects against a garage door to protect it or in an effort to reinforce it is not a good idea and is not recommended.

Vehicles and other valuables both inside and outside of the opening can be damaged if the garage door is pushed into or ripped from the building. The best solution for areas that are susceptible to high wind events such as hurricanes is to install a garage door that meets or exceeds the minimum local requirements for wind load.

ArmRLite currently offers two wind load rated garage doors: Titan Model and Custom CI Model. Check back to our blog again as we move through the month of June for part #2 of hurricane winds and garage doors safety tips.


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