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Garage Door Tips: How to Keep Your Pets Safe

May 21, 2014

Garage door safety practices should include everyone, including your pets. As the largest moving part of you home, your garage door must be operated with care and those who are and will be using it should be taught basic safety procedures. Since a pet will not be, in all likelihood, operating the garage door on their own it becomes their owner’s responsibility to keep them safe from harm or serious injury when the garage door is in operation. Many pet owners either allow their pets to enter or exit their home through their garage door or keep them in their garage as part of crate or house training.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe When Operating Your Garage Door

When it comes to pets and garage doors, please check out these (5) quick safety tips:

 ·         Do not leave you garage door “cracked” or propped open for your dog or cat. Your spring system is what keeps your garage door from Pet Safety and Garage Doors: ArmRLite Garage Door Safety Tipslamming down by using tension. As your springs age, the tension lessens meaning a “cracked” garage door can drift down unexpectedly and seriously or fatally injure your pet. A better alternative to leaving your garage door open is to install a garage door with pet door. This allows a safe and easy access point for cats and dogs to enter or leave your garage.

·         Do not allow or encourage dogs or cats to gnaw on your garage door cables. Your cables are attached to your extension springs which means they are under intense tension. A chewed cable can snap and injure both you and your pet.

·         Do not tie your dog or cat to your garage door. Though your garage door may seem like a secure place to tie your pet to in situations where they might need to be restrained, please remember that your garage door is not a stationary or fixed appliance. Whether you door is manually or motor operated, your pet is in danger of serious injury or death if it is tied to a moving garage door.

·         Do not encourage “beat the door” games with your pets by racing them through a closing garage door. Safety precautions are in place for some motor operated doors to prevent a garage door from closing on or hitting people. Many times, however, a pet or person playing “beat the door” is moving too fast for the safety devices and is at risk of being hit by the garage door.

·         If you have cats with access to your garage, always check the top of your open garage door before closing it. Many cats like to survey their territories by perching in the highest possible point in a structure with the best vantage point. Many cats see an open garage door as offering the best 360 degree view of their domain. Unfortunately, pet owners do not always check the tops of their garage doors before closing them and their cats, unable to out run or get off the closing door in time, are crushed.

June is garage door safety month! Please check in on our blog regularly starting in June for more garage door safety tips on how to keep your children, belongings, pets, and yourself safe when operating your garage door.

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