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Safety Guide

When it comes to safety, installation and repairs of your garage door should be done by a trained professional. However there are some things you can do to promote safe use of your overhead door.

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DASMA Safety Guidelines

Safe practices with your garage door should be done every day. The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) offers these safety guidelines to follow:

  • Do not stand or walk under a moving garage door
  • Do not let children play with transmittors or remotes
  • Install push button controls out of reach of children
  • Keep your door in sight during operation
  • Teach children to keep hands and fingers away from the garage door

Additional Pet Recommendations

  • Do not leave your garage door open for your dog or cat.
  • A better alternative to is to install a garage door with pet door.
  • Do not allow or encourage dogs or cats to chew on cables.
  • Do not tie your dog or cat to your garage door.
  • Always check the top of your open garage door for perched cats and other obstructions before closing it.

Maintenance Recommendations

Annual or Bi-annual service is recommended for all residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. Regular service checks by an experienced dealer/installer is imperative to address safety concerns which can occur from normal use. An experienced garage door technician can identify these concerns and address them before they compromise the garage door or become life threatening.

  • Regular service with an ArmRLite dealer/installer should be scheduled depending on the demands and use of the garage door.
  • Low headroom and high cycle garage doors require more maintenance than standard lift and standard cycle springs.
  • Springs will relax over time. This is typical for a garage door assembly and is not a defect with the springs. A garage door professional should be contacted if springs require adjustments post-installation.
  • Lift handles and step plates should be installed on each garage door. If missing or damaged they must be replaced to prevent injury. Never open a door by pushing it open with your hand. For manually operated garage doors, always use the lift handle or pull rope.