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Garage Door Safety Month 2020: Safety Tip #4

Garage Door Safety Month 2020: Safety Tip #4

June 23, 2020

June was designated Garage Door Safety Month by two leading trade associations: The International Door Association (IDA) and The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). While it is important to be proactive with regard to safety all year round, IDA and DASMA chose June to focus on garage door safety and encourage manufacturers, installers, and customers to share safe practices with each other. Garage door products are not toys and are not designed to be used for games or entertainment. By being the example for others to follow, we can all take steps forward toward being safe using, working and living with our garage doors.

Teach Children to Keep Hands and Fingers Away from the Garage Door

Safety Tip #4 Garage Door Safety Month with ArmRLIte

Garage and overhead sectional doors are designed to move. Sections are hinged together for the purpose of allowing the door to travel through the track system into the open or closed position. Areas of the door that have moving parts, like the hinged sections, create pinch points. A door should never be opened or closed by grabbing the door between the sections. Lift handles and step plates are supplied for this reason.

In addition to pinch points between the sections, fingers should also never be placed near the track system or spring system of the garage door. Doors move through the tracks on rollers and will roll right over fingers if they are placed in the track. Spring systems are under tension which relaxes and tightens as the door moves so clothing and skin can easily be caught in the coils.

Children in particular should be taught not to put their fingers, hands, toys, or clothing anywhere near the garage door whether it is in motion or not. Children’s fingers and hands are small and can easily be crushed between sections or by rollers in the track.

Observation of this safety tip is not just for children. Many adults choose to place their fingers and hands in danger by holding onto tracks, springs, and sections while the door is in motion. Whether you are at home using your own garage door or come in contact with a garage door while a work, always use lift handles, pull cords and step plates to open and close a manual door. Never rest your hands against the door, track or springs – regardless if the door is in motion or not. Accidents don’t happen in slow motion and rarely with advanced notice. It can only take a second to get hurt.

More safety information can be found on our garage door safety page.

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