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ArmRLite Safety Tip #3 Keep Your Door in Sight during Operation

Garage Door Safety Month 2020: Safety Tip #3

June 16, 2020

During the month of June, both manufacturers and installers in the garage door industry take the time to shine a spotlight on safety. An overhead garage door is one of the largest moving/mechanical parts of a home or business. Practicing appropriate safety precautions is an important part in keeping people and property safe. While June is set aside as Garage Door Safety Month, staying on top of best safety practices and continually educating yourself and others on how to safely operate a garage door product should be done consistently throughout the lifetime of the product.

Keep Your Door in Sight during Operation

Safety Tip #3 Garage Door Safety Month with ArmRLIteLast week we covered where to mount push button controls as tip #2. They should be installed out of reach of small children as well as within direct line of site of the garage door. This week’s safety tip is to keep your door in sight at all times during operation. While watching your garage door open and close might not sound very exciting, the chances of injury or damage to property increase when a door is closed or opened without supervision. Children and pets may dart under doors while they are closing and get crushed or seriously injured. Alternatively, pets or other animals may be resting on top of an open garage door and may not be able to outrun the closing door resulting in devastating consequences. Obstructions placed in the path of an opening or closing door are also a concern and may not be noticed if the door is left to operate without supervision.

Every garage door motor by law includes some kind of safety feature – these include photo eyes, sensing edges, interlock switches, etc. However, technology is not infallible so keeping an eye on a moving door is the best way to be safe.

Please note: If your key pad is installed out of sight of your door please contact a local dealer or installer immediately. Keypads should never be installed in an area where the door cannot be monitored while the keypad is in use. This applies to both residential and commercial applications.

Please check in again next week for another garage door safety tip from ArmRLite. In the meantime, our garage door safety page is always available if needed.

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