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Garage Door Safety Month 2020: Safety Tip #2

Garage Door Safety Month 2020: Safety Tip #2

June 9, 2020

Practicing good garage door safety procedures should be done year round for all applications: residential and commercial. Each June the garage door industry shines a spotlight on safety tips and procedures in observation of Garage Door Safety Month. Your overhead garage door is one of the most often used egresses in a home or business, however it is also often one of the most overlooked with regard to safety. Educating yourself and others regarding safe operation of a garage door product can help avoid damage to property as well as avoid serious physical injury.

Install Push Button Controls Out of Reach of Children

Safety Tip #2 Garage Door Safety Month with ArmRLIteMany residential and commercial properties will install a motor operator with their overhead sectional door to make using the product more efficient and simple. Like any electronic device, it is important for the user to understand how the product should be operated and where potential dangers can exist. Our Safety Tip #2 focuses on a specific aspect of using a garage door opener – the wall mounted push button(s).

When installing wall mounted controls, location is paramount to ensuring safe use of the door and operator. In addition to mounting push button controls within direct sight of the garage door, the wall unit should also be mounted out of reach of small children. Teaching young ones to not use the garage door as a toy is important as well, but taking that a step farther by installing push button controls out of their reach is also important to ensuring their safety as well as yours.

While small children having access to push button controls is a concern for residential applications, commercial applications have to deal with a similar situation with regard to patrons, customers and unauthorized users. For commercial projects, wall mounted control stations should always be installed within direct line of sight of the garage door. In situations where the control station cannot be safely installed out of reach, there are lock box options available to prevent unauthorized use.

Please check in again next week for another garage door safety tip from ArmRLite. However, if you need more information now or simply can’t wait to learn more you can always check out our garage door safety page on our website.

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