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Garage Door Motor Safety Tip #2: Out of Sight is NOT Safe!

June 20, 2014

A garage door motor, commercial or residential is not free from safety hazards. In our last blog about garage door motor safety, we addressed the risks to do-it-yourself installers. This time we will focus on one of the most commonly overlooked safety issues when operating your garage door.

Garage Door Motor Tip: Keep Your Eyes on Your Door

According to DASMA, you should never take your eyes off your garage door when closing it with a push button remote or control transmitter. An automatic door should always be watched until it closes completely. While there are safety measures in place, taking a few extra seconds to watch your automatic garage door close can ensure that no person or animal gets caught under the closing door.

Not only is watching your door a safety concern, but it can also be a security one. Automatic controls allow you to operate your door from a distance, making it more convenient for you to simply drive away from or enter your home before the door closes completely. If you do not watch your automatic door to ensure a secure close, an intruder or animal can slip in into your home.

June is garage door safety month! Please check back for new safety tips through the month of June or contact us if you have any questions regarding your garage door motor.


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