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Garage Door Motor Safety Tip #1

Garage Door Motor Safety Tip #1

June 6, 2014

A garage door motor is generally easier and safer to install than the garage door itself. However, even installing a garage door motor comes with some risks.

Garage Door Motor: Do-It-Yourselfer?

For home and business owners who follow the do-it-yourself motto, installing a garage door motor is often approached lightly. Although some garage door motors can be installed by non-door system technicians, DASMA recommends that your first choice should be to have a trained installer install your motor.

Improper installation of a garage door motor can be hazardous, resulting in a “drifting” or falling door, difficult or strained opening and closing cycles, as well as stress on your garage door’s parts resulting in extra wear and tear. If you do do-it-yourself, DASMA suggests you always follow your specific motor’s manufacturer instructions carefully.

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