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California Glass Garage Doors with Slope Feature

California Glass Garage Doors with Slope

September 30, 2015

California Glass Garage Doors with SlopeMany California garage doors, particularly in the San Francisco area, come with the challenge of uneven or sloped thresholds. In situations like this, ArmRLite has developed a custom sloped bottom section or rail for our welded aluminum garage door models that directly addresses this problem.


California Glass Garage Doors with Sloped Thresholds

An installation of a standard bottom California glass garage door on a sloped threshold, which is advise against, may void your warranty and negatively impact the lifespan of your door. Sloped or uneven bottom rails and sections by ArmRLite are available in either commercial or residential  welded aluminum models only. The sloping bottom rail does not negatively affect  the warranty or structural integrity of our California glass garage door models, ensuring our doors will operate admirably for decades and retain their exclusive 20 year welded frame warranty.


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