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ArmRLite COVID-19 Safety Partitions Now Available

ArmRLite COVID-19 Safety Partitions Now Available

August 5, 2020

ArmRLite Door Manufacturing has re-tooled and revamped our factory in order to help America defend against COVID-19. The CDC has identified COVID-19 as a novel coronavirus that is “different from the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans…”. COVID-19 is an abbreviated term for the virus’s formal CDC name: Coronavirus Disease 2019. As of July 2020 the CDC website names respiratory droplets produced by infected persons though coughing, sneezing or talking as the main mode of spreading infection from person to person. This is the reason social distancing has become such an important line of defense against contracting and spreading the virus.

When it comes to education and business settings where people are generally seated closer than 6’ for extended periods of time, adhering to the social distancing mandates can be difficult or in some cases impossible. It is in these situations where COVID-19 safety partitions are beneficial.

Benefits of ArmRLite COVID-19 Safety PartitionsArmRLite’s COVID-19 Safety Partitions have Three Benefits:

  • They block respiratory droplets that are thought to transmit the virus and other germs.
  • They are a physical reminder to social distance
  • They can provide added security against transmission with or without the use of masks and/or other PPE equipment. Always follow your states mandate with regard to the use of PPE equipment such as masks.

The COVID-19 partitions can be customized to meet the needs of the application. Custom options include size, shape, glass type, finish color, acoustical options, design and mounting style. Partitions can be manufactured to secure within openings or to structure for permanent use in offices, schools, or other close quartered applications. Partitions that are situational and must be removed or relocated after use can be manufactured with a support stand with or without wheels. Temporary counter top partitions can be supplied with support feet to stabilize the partition for use on a table.

All PPE, including safety partitions, should be kept clean and disinfected daily. Mild soap and water with or without a non-corrosive disinfectant can be used. Cleaning cloths can be reused if laundered between uses.

If you would like to get more information on ArmRLite’s COVID-19 partitions, please feel free to contact us though our website or call us at 800-554-5816.

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