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COVID19 Partitions

Partitions to Meet CDC Guidelines

ArmRLite partitions are the go-to solution for schools, offices, or any public space that needs to be segmented or partitioned to meet COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. These act as containment zones, making it easier to stay safe, sanitize, and to control the environment protecting employees, students and customers from the disease.

Best Practices

According to the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health

  • Choose dimensions that protect the breathing zone of the tallest person using the partition. The breathing zone can be thought of as a bubble with a radius of 30 cm extending out from the mouth and nose.
  • Pass-throughs or openings should be as small as possible and not located in the breathing zone of either user; do not include speaking ports or grates.
  • Install the partition securely, such that it cannot tip or fall; do not block or impede emergency egress.
  • Surface-mounted partitions with small openings and wings/surrounds are preferred overhanging partitions that can swing or waft air.
  • Clean the partition at least daily with mild soap and water or a compatible disinfectant; discard or launder the cloths used for cleaning.
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ArmRLite is a manufacturer. We have all of the tools to allow you to order 100% customizable partitions. Safety partitions can be designed with stationary feet or wheels to make it even easier to use and sanitize in various locations. Custom options listed below.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Glass
  • Mount Style
  • Stationary feet or Wheels for Unmounted Units
  • Acoustic Glazing & Framing Available
  • Glazing Options up to 1″ thick (Glass, Plexi, Polycarbonate)
  • Frame Colors & Tints (Choose Clear Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum for fastest lead time)