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Industrial Garage Doors: Project Spotlight on Carling Brewery

June 17, 2014

As the need for industrial garage doors grows many contractors, architects, and business owners are beginning to confront the issue of size limitations. In our over half a century of manufacturing experience, ArmRLite has met size challenges head on and overcome limitations with exceptional engineering prowess and capabilities. Due to the unmatched strength of our welded construction method, ArmRLite aluminum and glass sectional doors are able to be fabricated to sizes no other manufacturer can match.

Industrial Garage Doors in Cleveland, OhioIndustrial Garage Doors – Carling Brewery Case Study

In 1965, ArmRLite took on the unique challenge of the Carling Brewery plant located in Cleveland, OH. The brewery was in the process of renovating an old auto plant and required a door so large that competing manufacturers at the time could not construct a door structurally sound enough for the plant to safely use and operate.

At 38’-2” x 13’-8” high, the welded aluminum and glass door fabricated by ArmRLite was (and is) the largest sectional door type aluminum door manufactured in the United States. As our founder, Jack Dourney, said “it was so finely balanced it was easily hand operated by one man prior to the hookup of the electrical operator…”

ArmRLite’s unique experience with large industrial garage doors enables us to tackle projects that have been called “impossible” by competitors. If you are working on or planning for a project that requires an industrial size door, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable sales and service staff can help you overcome “impossible” with our exclusively welded industrial garage doors.

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