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New Jersey Garage Door Manufacturer Partners with Vocational High School

May 29, 2014

New Jersey garage door manufacturer, ArmRLite, is a proud supporter of cooperative career and technical education through Middlesex County Vocational Technical High School.

ArmRLite Supports Cooperative Career and Technical Education

Award Presented to ArmRLite the Garage Door Manufacturer

Beginning in 2013, ArmRLite has partnered with our local vocational high school in bringing invaluable real world, hands on work experience to senior students. As a manufacturer based in the United States, ArmRLite understands and embraces the need in our industry, and our nation, for educated and experienced workers. High school students at the Middlesex County vocational school enjoy learning about their fields of interest while also enjoying the unique opportunity to practice what they have learned with local businesses and employers such as ArmRLite. Though some students may pursue other interests at the college level, they will always have the professional work experience many college students and graduates lack. ArmRLite is a garage door manufacturer which means students have had the chance to work along side our sales and engineering teams learning to work with customers and vendors, expand their knowledge of CAD programs, and reinforce the importance of organization and prioritizing tasks.

ArmRLite looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Middlesex County Vocational Technical High School and provide their already exceptional senior students with the opportunity to gain professional experience in the garage door manufacturing and construction industries.

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