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Welded Stable and Barn Overhead Doors Tennessee

August 4, 2014

Strong stable and barn overhead doors are important to farms, agricultural facilities, and horse breeding and boarding shelters. Weak or poorly made stable and barn doors can cost business owners thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement parts as well as negatively affect their businesses curb appeal. This is especially true for horse breeding and boarding stables which are constantly under scrutiny from potential boarders and clients. The professional equestrian community value their horses and believe in caring and housing them in the best facilities available.

Stable and Barn Overhead Doors: Spotlight on the Tennessee Walking Horse

Barn overehad Doors TennesseeOne community in particular, focused on the Tennessee Walking Horse, is very involved in the care, preservation, and legacy of their horses. Tennessee Walkers are a breed of gaited horse known for its very unique gait and flashy movement. Developed in the southern United States in the late 18th century, the Tennessee Walking Horse can trace its foundation sire back to a 1886 foal named Black Allen. Black Allen was the progeny of the cross between Narragansett Pacers, Canadian Pacers, gaited Spanish Mustangs, and other breeds. The Tennessee Walker’s distinguishing features include a long, straight head; calm disposition; a tall, long neck; and it’s highly unique “running walk”.

The breed was used primarily for farm and plantation work, however by 1939 the breed had developed its own Breeders’ Association, studbook, and established the first annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Horses compete in two basic categories: “flat shod” and “performance” which is differentiated by the preferred leg action of the horse. Flat Shod horses wear regular horseshoes and have a much less exaggerated movement.

On the other hand, a performance horse wears pads or “stacks” which may include other weighted devices creating a “Big Lick” style gait. The Tennessee Walker has made many appearances in television over the years. The Loan Ranger’s “Silver” was played by a Walker at times as well as Roy Roger’s “Trigger Jr.”.

Ensuring the safety and security of such impressive horses is the privilege of ArmRLite and our welded aluminum stable and barn overhead doors. With so may custom options available with our 20 year warranty doors, business owners and breeders have the luxury of choosing the best style for their facilities.

Whether it is a modern solid aluminum door or custom carriage house with a faux wood finish, ArmRLite offers the best barn and stable overhead doors money can buy.

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