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New Jersey Overhead Garage Doors Feature

New Jersey Overhead Garage Doors

July 23, 2014

New Jersey commercial and residential overhead garage doors can experience some of the harshest environments on the East Coast. Most damaged NJ garage doors are the products of unfortunate impacts by cars or machinery, however natural and environmental damage is not unheard of and can be the most expensive to repair.

New Jersey Overhead Garage Doors: You Get What You Pay For

After the devastation by storms and flooding in recent years, home and business owners in New Jersey have begun to look differently at their garage doors. There are many “cheap” garage door options on the market, but for those who have experienced first hand the cost and headaches of replacing the “cheap” stuff after a flood or storm damage have realized that “cheap” is no longer a viable option. There are companies that believe that garage doors can be seen as a commodity, produced cheaply, and sold in mass quantities to Americans focused on price tags instead of quality and value.

New Jersey Overhead Garage Doors Feature Comparison

The photo above was taken after Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken, NJ in 2012. 2’ – 3’ of water rushed into pictured area, pushing against the bottom sections of these two garage doors. Both doors were subject to identical conditions, but experienced very different outcomes. The welded aluminum door on the left manufactured by ArmRLite shows no signs of damage. Our competitor’s door on the right did not perform so well. In this situation, the owner of the ArmRLite door paid for value and quality when they chose a welded aluminum garage door. Their neighbor invested in a “cheaper” option and paid more overtime than their door was actually worth. In the garage door industry, you get what you pay for. We heard many stories like this from the metro New York and New Jersey area of cars in parking garages “saved” from flood damage as our doors acted as a “dam”.

ArmRLite has been manufacturing our high quality welded overhead garage doors out of New Jersey for more than half a century. Please check out our residential or commercial overhead garage door models for your home or business today!

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