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Salt Air Corrosion and Garage Doors – Options for Coastal Homes and Businesses

April 9, 2014

For those of us who live or own businesses close to salt water shores or coastal areas, the corrosive nature of the environment is well known. Many homeowners and business owners who live and work in these environments have torn down and replaced more than their fair share of “standard” garage doors. Constant contact with salt air and or corrosive chemicals is incredibly damaging to garage doors. Within 1 mile of the ocean is considered a critical area. The corrosive nature of salt air eats away at steel, compromising its structural integrity and forcing owners to replace their sectional doors more frequently than those with homes or businesses more inland.

Fiberglass and Aluminum ArmRLite Garage Doors Battle Against Corrosion

To combat the damage and relieve the cycle of salt air exposure, corrosion, and ultimate replacement of garage doors in coastal areas, ArmRLite suggests two garage door model options with anti-corrosive qualities.

Commercial fiberglass corrosive resistant garage door by ArmRLiteArm-R-Lon model fiberglass garage doors afford owners the convenience of light weight materials and the hardiness of fiberglass when exposed to corrosive environments. The Arm-R-Lon Fiberglass Model is also available in an insulated version for applications that require temperature control as well as corrosion resistance. Common applications for this model include weather stations, boat houses, salt barns, and greenhouses.


Rust resistant garage doors by ArmRLiteWelded aluminum and glass garage doors by ArmRLite also offer resistance against salt air damage. Aluminum will not rust and the welded frames exclusive to ArmRLite are built to last. Select welded aluminum models are also available with wind load ratings for high wind areas as well as garage door flood vents for flood and/or hurricane prone locations.

Stainless steel or powder coated hardware and track are also available.

Both the Arm-R-Lon fiberglass and welded aluminum models will afford the corrosion resistance coastal environments demand while still providing the choice and flexibility customers deserve. Product descriptions and spec sheets are available on our website if you are interested in either our welded aluminum or fiberglass salt air corrosion resistant garage doors.


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