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Glass Roll Up Doors: Merge Your Indoor & Outdoor Space

January 1, 2021

Glass roll-up doors by ArmRLite are the perfect means to merge your indoor and outdoor space. A back to nature trend has taken hold and now more than ever the focus on energy efficiency as well as aesthetic value is becoming even more important to consumers. One option quickly gaining in popularity is the use of glass roll-up doors to replace the main wall or window of a building to merge the outdoors with indoor spaces.

Custom Glass Roll-Up Doors Manufactured by ArmRLite… in the USA!

ArmRLite is able to produce glass roll-up doors with 1” thick insulated glass, the first in the industry to offer this, as well as polyurethane insulation foam-filled rails and stiles. This enables homeowners and business owners to utilize energy savings and climate control within the internal space when the glass roll-up door is closed.

Many restaurants, breweries, and wineries take advantage of the benefits that glass roll-up doors offer. By simply opening the roll-up door, the indoor dining space is joined together with the outdoor dining space allowing for easier foot traffic in and out of the establishment. Indoor patrons enjoy the sunshine and breeze coming in through the open space, and outdoor patrons gain easy access to the interior of the building. Once the door is closed, the indoor space remains insulated and protected from the elements while providing a lovely, panoramic view of its surroundings.

Did you know we have wind load rated glass sectional doors too? If you’re located in hurricane-prone areas, our overhead doors are an excellent solution for winds up to 180 mph. Hurricane-resistant doors offer defense against extreme weather conditions in three distinct ArmRLite models: TimbRLite, Custom C.I., and Titan.

Our push-out awning window is the leading choice for commercial and residential use. Overhead doors, with a push-out awning glass window feature, allow convenient air flow without opening the door. It’s a great solution for rainy or windy conditions. The glass windows open easily and do not compromise the structure of our welded doors. We’re all about a durable, aluminum sectional door!

Homeowners have also begun to move away from stodgy raised panel steel doors and towards eye-catching custom glass roll-up doors. Garage doors can have style and personality! If privacy is a concern, ask about our frosted glass option. This modern twist to a home’s façade is a great way to feel closer to nature as well as increase the curb appeal of your home.

Is ADA compliancy a necessity? We’ve got you covered. ArmRLite offers an incredible exclusive ADA Compliant Pass Door with no step-over bottom rail. This glass door operates just like an overhead garage door but brings style and functionality to the forefront. Customize your door with hardware, finishes, and additional upgrades. Aluminum glass sectional doors have never been so universal.

For over 60 years, ArmRLite has been the leader in custom glass garage doors offering an array of glass options. Non-insulated glass units are available in ⅛” and ¼” thicknesses. Insulated glass units are available in 7/16”, ⅝” and 1” thicknesses. For custom glass thicknesses, please consult with ArmRLite.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our custom glass roll-up doors.

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