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Large Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors for Barns and Tractor Storage Buildings

Large Agricultural Overhead Garage Doors for Barns and Tractor Storage Buildings

April 21, 2014

Large agricultural overhead garage door options are available  through ArmRLite for applications such as cattle barns, horse arenas, greenhouses, and tractor storage facilities. Agricultural locations are subject  to unique use and corrosive chemicals which require strong, durable, and corrosive resistant garage doors. To meet this demand for high quality and long lasting overhead doors large enough to fit the use of today’s farming needs; ArmRLite suggests our welded aluminum and glass garage door models or our Arm-R-Lon Fiberglass overhead door model.

Agricultural Applications for Large Overhead Garage Doors

Greenhouse Garage Doors by ArmRLiteOur welded aluminum and glass Titan and Custom CI Models come with an unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty meaning our doors will not sag or separate like our thru-bolted competitors and can be manufactured up to 32 feet wide. These models are also corrosive and rust resistant due to their aluminum frame and can be fully insulated should the application require it. As part of our exclusive Energy Efficiency Package, polyurethane foam is injected into the welded aluminum frames, all rails and stiles are also sealed creating a water resistant feature as well. Our Titan and Custom CI overhead doors can also take glass or panel thicknesses up to 1” and is available in custom finishes.

Our unique Arm-R-Lon Fiberglass overhead door is also available for agricultural applications requiring commercial fiberglass garage doors. ArmRLite’s fiberglass model is available with flat, white fiberglass panels and can be either insulated or non-insulated depending on the project requirements. Our Arm-R-Lon Model is available with our Energy Efficiency Package for applications such as greenhouses where both the frame and fiberglass panels of our door are insulated for maximum energy efficiency. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our aluminum and glass or fiberglass agricultural overhead garage doors.


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