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Insulated Industrial Fiberglass Garage Door

April 23, 2014

Our unique Arm-R-Lon fiberglass overhead door is a great option for commercial or industrial applications with corrosive environments. Rather than using a steel overhead door that is prone to rust and corrosion, the Arm-R-Lon light weight fiberglass model overhead door is manufactured with high quality aluminum and fiberglass components resulting in a stronger, corrosion resistant product.

Insulated Fiberglass Garage Door: Arm-R-Lon Model

Insluated Fiberglass Garage Door by ArmRLite

ArmRLite’s fiberglass model is available with flat, white fiberglass panels that can either insulated or non-insulated depending on the project requirements. The insulated fiberglass option is also available in conjunction with a fully insulated, welded aluminum frame exclusive to ArmRLite. The Arm-R-Lon is most commonly used for greenhouses, salt barns, nurseries, boat houses, docks, and in agricultural or chemical environments but can be adapted for unique or unusual applications as needed. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our light weight industrial fiberglass garage door.












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