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Custom Glass Fire Station Doors – Columbus Regional Airport

Custom Glass Fire Station Doors – Columbus Regional Airport

March 2, 2016

Custom glass fire station doors are a specialty of ArmRLite. We have the most extensive array of glazing options available compared to competing manufacturers. Where most fire station door manufacturers are focused solely on “cookie cutter” doors, ArmRLite can offer uniqueness to projects that want it.

Custom Sandblasted Glass on Columbus Regional Airport Fire Station

In March of 2008, the Fire Station #2 of the Columbus Regional Airport became one of ArmRLite’s most unique fire station doors to date. To keep in line with the airport theme, the Fire Station #2’s glass garage doors were installed with a custom glass design that unfolds over all four fire station doors! ArmRLite had to work closely with our suppliers, installer, and the project designers to pull off this beautiful project.

When viewed from the front, you can clearly see the sandblasted image of an airplane splayed out across the center of the four doors. Each pane of glass and each meeting rail in all four doors had to line up perfectly with its sisters for the design to work.

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