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Breather Tubes on Insulated Fire Station Glass Doors

Breather Tubes on Insulated Fire Station Glass Doors

October 20, 2016

Breather or Capillary tubes are sometimes required on Fire Station glass garage doors. The use of these tubes is restricted to projects that fall within a 3,000 ft or higher elevation above sea level.

How Do Breather Tubes Work on Fire Station Glass Garage Doors?

breather tubes are inserted into the spacer of the insulated glass unit to allow the unit to “breathe” when subject to internal and external pressure changes. Because air pressure decreases as altitude increases, insulated glass units on Fire Stations at higher elevations can experience expansion as they move from lower to higher altitudes. Since the insulated glass units on affected Fire Stations are using capillary breather tubes, the units themselves are not available with argon gas and will be air filled only. This is because the argon will diffuse out of the breather tube.

If you think your project may need these breather tubes for your Fire Station glass garage door, please be sure to notify ArmRLite prior to specification.

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