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Breather Tubes for Glass Garage Doors

Breather Tubes for Glass Garage Doors

October 19, 2016

ArmRLite is proud to manufacture glass garage doors throughout the United States, even locations that have higher elevations and require breather tubes.  Due to the change in air pressure, we are pleased to provide breather tubes for glass garage doors that are installed in higher elevations such as 3,000 feet or higher than sea level.

What are Capillary Breather Tubes?

Capillary breather tubes are small metal objects that are inserted into the garage glass panels prior to shipping.  The tubes are inserted into the edge spacer of an insulated glass unit to allow the unit to breathe in situations where the unit may be subject to pressure changes. Capillary breather tubes are opened during installation once the glass has equalized for at least 48 hours.  Due to the change in pressure, glass will most likely break, however breather tubes help prevent any breakage.  If you think your glass garage door may require capillary breather tubes, contact us to learn more.


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