H-16 Insulator Model

H-16 Insulator Model

The H-16 Insulator Model is an insulated steel overhead sectional door developed to meet the needs of today’s heated buildings. This rugged, heavy-duty product has an R-value of 16 and high-speed production ensures fast delivery times for new projects or replacement parts. This model is a typical commercial model, however, it may also be used for residential applications. The H-16 Insulator Model is available in a white or brown finish, however, custom colors are also available for an upgrade.

  • Maximum Width of 28'
  • White or Brown Finish
  • Foamed in Place Construction - CFC Free

Suggested Applications: Fire departments, loading docks, storage garages, temperature-controlled applications, industrial uses, and factories.

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Door Specs
  • Standard sections heights: 21” or 24” high
  • Full view sections: Up to 24’ 2” wide
  • Exterior skins: 26 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • End caps: Galvanized Steel
  • Window Lites: 24” x 12”, 24” x 8”
  • Track: Arm-R-Tite galvanized 2” or 3” track
  • Hardware: Galvanized stamped steel, 14 gauge e per pair (3 3⁄₈” wide per pair for glass thicknesses / weights 1⁄4” or more)
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Most Popular Finish Options

Clear Anodized
An Anodized Aluminum Finish

Dark Bronze Anodized
An Anodized Aluminum Finish

Black Anodized
An Anodized Aluminum Finish
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