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Glass Garage Door Architectural Support

Glass Garage Door Architectural Support

July 31, 2019

A glass garage door may look simple on the outside, but there is a lot to consider when planning for a project where one or more of these door types are needed. Having architectural support when planning and designing a building that wants to incorporate glass garage door assemblies can be a valuable resource for architects and designers. All too often important requirements are missed or overlooked and a project can suffer.

ArmRLite Architectural Liaisons: Get Support when Designing for Glass Garage Doors

Many manufacturers have some type of support for architects; some better than others. ArmRLite offers architects and designers a unique resource in our dedicated Architectural Liaisons. ArmRLite Architectural Liaisons are members of our sales team with in-depth experience helping design for and plan projects that will be using our glass garage doors.

Glass garage door architectural support includes for example 3-part sample specifications written for a specific project rather than a canned spec. Having a 3-part project specific sample spec helps designers ensure what they actually want and need are correctly specified for their project. Additional support in basic detailing, limitations, compatible options, etc. are all offered by our architectural support sales team members.

Architectural Liaisons will help provide clearance requirements when planning for door sizes as well. This includes backroom, headroom, and side room requirements. Meeting the basic clearance requirements for a given door size and spec can mean the difference between success and failure. If there is not enough room for the door and/or its components to fit the glass garage door won’t work and cannot be manufactured. Having clearances figured out in the planning stages means the chance of finding out in the eleventh hour that the specified glass garage door product won’t work is highly unlikely.

If you need glass garage door architectural support, please feel free to contact us

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