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How to specify overhead sectional doors or glass roll up doors correctly as well as take into consideration the requirements of an operable overhead sectional door can be a challenge for some designers, engineers, and architects. An overhead sectional door is generally the largest moving part of a building and a valuable investment for building owners. ArmRLite has dedicated this portion of our site to helping those tasked with designing and specifying overhead sectional doors and glass roll up doors meet their goals.

The biggest challenge when it comes to planning for an overhead sectional door is leaving enough headroom for the door to operate. Often overlooked, headroom can make or break a project if not taken into consideration when planning.

Custom and Proprietary Options

Due to the strength and durability of our exclusive welded frame, ArmRLite aluminum and glass overhead doors can accommodate even the most unique applications. PDF downloads and E-flyers are available for most of our custom options. For a complete listing of our overhead door options such as sloping bottom bars, flood vents, ADA compliant pass doors, push-out Windows, custom panel options, acoustical/sound reducing packages, energy efficiency package, and other unique products, please visit the custom options section located on the Brochures & Specifications page.

Overhead Sectional Door Models

On the Brochures & Specifications page you will find links to each of our commercial sectional door models, their specifications, CAD drawings, and specification templates for your convenience. Each of our commercial models is unique and may be available with exclusive options such as our ADA compliant no step over pass door.

Articles and Case Studies

ArmRLite has worked with hundreds of leading architects, builders, and designers throughout our 50+ year history on ground breaking projects. Check out a few feature articles showcasing ArmRLite in custom applications by leading architects such as Barton Meyers.

Glossary of Terms

A comprehensive list of terms, components, and phrases in use regarding overhead sectional doors.

AIA CES Registered Courses

ArmRLite is pleased to offer AIA CES approved courses to Architects interested in gaining knowledge and understanding of the newest innovations and applications available within the Overhead Sectional Door industry. ArmRLite is a leading manufacturer of American made overhead sectional doors and continues to be a key innovative force within our industry. We are proud to offer courses to U.S.A. based Architects in all 50 states as well as international architects and architectural firms.

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ArmRLite enjoys working with architects, builders, and designers. If you have any questions regarding how to specify an ArmRLite overhead sectional door or glass roll up door, please feel free to contact us.