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Wind Load Garage Doors – ArmRLIte - Feature

Wind Load Garage Doors – ArmRLite

September 24, 2020

Wind load is defined as the load on a structure due to the action of wind. In areas that frequently experience high wind events such as hurricanes and tropical storms, it is not uncommon for a wind load value to be specifically called out in local building code requirements. Wind load values are described in terms of miles per hour (MPH) or pounds per square foot (PSF).

What Does Wind Load Mean for Garage Doors?

What Does Wind Load Mean for Garage Doors?For the garage door industry, a wind load garage door is an assembly designed and tested to meet a specific wind load value. Typically garage door manufactures will have a specific model tested and can provide wind load data on that model based on the size of the door. The smaller a garage door is, the better the wind load value available due to the smaller amount of surface area subject to wind pressure.

A garage doors wind load value explains the maximum amount of wind pressure the assembly can tolerate before failure. If your garage door is wind loaded at 20psf, you are covered for any psf rating up to a maximum of 20psf.

ArmRLite currently has (2) wind load tested garage door models: the Titan and the Custom CI. Depending on the size of the garage door needed, wind load values up to 180MPH are possible. ArmRLite’s wind load garage doors can contain glass and/or panel depending on the needs of the project.

For applications in states with specific building code compliance documentation requirements such as Florida please confirm with our sales department first before specifying ArmRLite. While we do have Florida Building Code (FLB) approval, Florida has different FLB requirements for different areas of the state such as NOA/Miami Dade approvals.

Not all garage doors are wind load garage doors. If your project requires test documentation for wind load it is important to confirm with your supplier that their product meets your requirements.

If you have any questions regarding wind load garage doors or if you are interested in specifying ArmRLite for your project, please feel free to contact our sales department for help.

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