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Wind Load and Garage Doors

December 9, 2015

Wind Load requirements for garage doors can be tricky sometimes for both customers and members of our industry. Below are four of the most common questions that come up about wind load and garage doors.

Four Questions About Wind Load and Garage Doors

  • What wind load value do I need?

To comply with your local codes always check with a county or local municipality building official before assuming or specifying a particular wind load. Once you know what value you need to meet, ArmRLite can help match your project with the appropriate garage door model.

  • Does the door orientation matter for wind load?

The garage door’s orientation (front facing vs. side facing) does not affect design wind load.

  • Does it matter if I have glass or panel in my wind loaded garage door?

There is no change in wind load value between a welded aluminum glass garage door and welded aluminum panel garage door of the same size and model.

  • What is the difference between positive and negative wind load values?

Positive wind load pressures will force a garage door the building while negative pressures pull the door out of the building.

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