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Get your replacement section for ArmRLite doors

Where To Find Replacement Sections For Your ArmRLite Door?

April 5, 2018

Having to replace a section on your garage door could be a hassle, but not with ArmRLite. If one of your ArmRLite doors require a replacement section all you have to do is give us a call. Our top notch sales representatives pride themselves on their speedy yet professional service. Anyone who owns an ArmRLite door should be able to display it proudly as an enhancement to their home or business. Any of our aluminum and glass doors, regardless of how the order was customized, can have a replacement section made. Other competitor’s doors may require you to purchase a whole new door, but not at ArmRLite.

The Process of Getting your Replacement Section

Bottom Section with ID Sticker

The process of getting your replacement section starts with finding the Red ArmRLite Sticker on your door. This should be in the middle of the bottom rail. On this sticker you will find your door’s unique serial number (WO#) which will help us find the specifications of your door. Because we care about our customers, all order records are stored as digital files and hard copy paperwork. This helps us get your replacement section to you quicker. Being around since 1958 ArmRLite has produced an immense amount of overhead sectional doors. We pride ourselves on the strong welded aluminum construction which allows a 50 year old door section to be replaced and remain just as strong as it originally was. You won’t find this type of overhead door construction anywhere else. To request pricing for your ArmRLite replacement section or part please fill out our online replacement section form.

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