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Safety Tips for Torsion Springs for a Garage Door

Torsion Springs for a Garage Door: Safety Tips

June 4, 2014

Torsion springs are most often installed on commercial or industrial applications rather than residential applications. The torsion spring’s coils are wound creating enough torque to safely lift and lower a garage door. The life of a torsion spring is measured in cycles where one cycle is a single open and close action.

Torsion Springs for a Garage Door - Why are Torsion Springs Dangerous

Why are Garage Door Torsion Springs Dangerous?

Due to the way in which torsion springs are installed, readjusted, and removed they are considered dangerous and should only be handled by professional garage door dealers or installers. Many manufacturers and distributors, including ArmRLite, will not sell torsion springs directly to the public as improper handling or installation can cause property damage as well as serious or fatal injury to the installer.

There are many do-it-yourself instructions on the web that make light of the dangers of installing torsion springs yourself. Unfortunately, these do-it-yourself instructions will not be much help if an installation does go wrong and a serious injury or damage occurs. The cost savings of attempting a do-it-yourself replacement of torsions springs pales in comparison to the cost of an emergency room visit. Since torsion springs are most often used on commercial applications, the doors they are installed on are usually large, very heavy, and are operated by more than one person including customers, employees, and maintenance personnel. A torsion spring installed improperly may not fail immediately which means that others are also at risk when they operate the door after installation.

Garage door installers are trained on torsion springs for a reason, to keep customers and consumers safe.

June is Garage Door Safety Month! Please check back regularly for more garage door safety tips at our blog. If you need help locating a trusted overhead door installer, please let us know. Our sales and customer service team will be glad to help you find a local dealer/installer to service your torsion springs.


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