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Three Key Reasons You Should Sell an ADA Compliant Pass Door

Three Key Reasons You Should Sell an ADA Compliant Pass Door

July 6, 2020

ArmRLite is currently the only garage door manufacturer based in the United States that manufactures an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant pass door. What this means is that a wheelchair accessible pass door inside of a garage door can be manufactured and used safely for public egress applications. Below are three key reasons dealer/installers should sell an ADA complaint pass door as part of their product offerings to customers.

Limit injury, increase flexibility and efficiency benefits when using and ADA Pass Door Why Choose an ADA Pass Door?

  1. Limit the possibility of damage or injury

Typical pass doors will have a 4”-6” step over bottom rail that runs the length of the door. This bottom rail is a tripping hazard for users. While these types doors may be acceptable in private or restricted egress applications like a home garage, the chances of injury due to tripping is ever present. This is especially dangerous for the elderly and young children who can be severely injured if they trip over the bottom rail while using the door.

  1. Increased flexibility for outdoor and indoor areas

Many commercial projects use ADA pass doors as a way of maximizing their indoor and outdoor space. Rather than settle for a fixed glass storefront with a single entrance door, applications like restaurants and cafés will utilize a glass garage door with an ADA door to get the most out of their available space. A glass garage door can be opened in the summer months when patrons appreciate maximum air flow and an outdoor experience and closed in the winter months when the warmth of the indoors is preferred. In either case, patrons and employees can pass between the two spaces with ease.

  1. Efficiency Benefits

For commercial properties that want to save on heating and cooling costs, an ADA pass door may be an option for consideration when compared to a typical glass garage door with adjacent entrance door. Each egress in a building is a potential loss to energy efficiency. If two openings can be consolidated into one, the potential losses can be reduced. In addition, for properties with just a garage door and no adjacent entrance door the energy loss associated with having to open the whole garage door for an individual to pass through can be mitigated by using a pass door inside of the sectional door.

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