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Stationary Glass Garage Doors by ArmRLite

May 4, 2016

By definition a garage door is an operable assembly that can be open and closed by hand or with a motor. However, there are some applications that want a garage door, but do not want or need the assembly to open. In those cases, the garage door would be fabricated and installed as a stationary or “fixed” unit.

Applications for Stationary Glass Garage Doors

Why on Earth would you need a garage door that doesn’t open? It sounds counter intuitive and kind of silly at first, but there are many applications out there that want and pursue stationary glass garage doors.

Stationary Glass Garage Door Office PartitionsStationary Glass Garage Door Office Partitions

One such application that would be interested in a stationary glass garage door would be for office use as a partition or wall. Headroom restrictions in office spaces can make operable garage doors difficult, but if the door will be functioning as a permanent wall between spaces or to dissect a large room a stationary glass garage door may be the ticket.

Stationary Glass Garage Door StorefrontsStationary Glass Garage Door Storefronts

Using glass garage doors on the front of buildings as operable storefronts is a growing trend in urban areas. However, for applications that have multiple openings but do not necessarily need all of them to be operable a “fixed” or stationary glass garage door can help keep the project consistent without forcing a customer to buy an operable product they do not need for each opening.

Stationary Glass Garage Door Windows

Similar to the idea of storefronts, a stationary glass garage door can also be used as a fixed window. Most commonly seen on commercial projects, the stationary glass garage door window can help designers and property owners to keep their glazing assemblies consistent when calling for operable glass garage door with matching “fixed” window units.

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