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Sell More Doors with These Four Customizable Options

July 16, 2020

ArmRLite is the industry leader for custom glass garage doors. While we can certainly provide typical service station garage doors, our ability to customize our products is what helps our dealer/installers meet the needs of their unique clients. Four key areas of customization are glass, panels, finish, and layout. While we do offer additional ancillary options like pass doors, awning windows and sloping bottom bars; the four key areas below offer our network of dealer/installers the most flexibility to meet their clients’ needs with a welded aluminum ArmRLite door.

  1. Glass Options

Glass options are nearly limitless with an ArmRLite glass garage door. Available in thicknesses up to 1” insulated, our glass options can be clear, frosted, or tinted in appearance. More customizable options available include our InstaFrost product, ArmRBlinds, and low E coatings for insulated units. Glass options are not limited to tempered or annealed glass. We can also offer fiberglass and polycarbonate alternatives as well.

    1. Panel Optionsfour key areas of customization for glass garage doors


Panels aren’t left out when it comes to customization. While most garage doors have solid, flat panels; ArmRLite can offer so much more. Past projects have used custom perforated panels that carry a design over the whole door in addition to custom perforations unique to a single panel. We’ve also supplied custom panels with stamped designs to create a truly one of a kind look.

  1. Finish Options

ArmRLite offers four different options with regard to finishes. Clear Anodized is our standard finish for our aluminum and glass garage doors. We can also do dark bronze or black anodize, custom anodize, RAL powdercoat, architectural Fluropon® paint, and Faux wood finishes. Anodize finishes and Fluropon finishes come with a 20 year finish warranty, except on installations within 1 mile of salt water. Fluropon® colors can be custom matched as well as chosen from a chart. Metallic and non-metallic paint options are also available in Fluropon® finishes. RAL powdercoats carry a 1 year finish warranty, except on installations within 1 mile of salt water. RAL powdercoats are chosen strictly from a color chart of over 100+ available colors. Available Faux Wood finishes have a 10 year finish warranty, except on installations within 1mile of salt water.

  1. Layout Options

Lastly ArmRLite can offer unique opportunities to customize the layout of our glass garage doors. While some manufacturers stick to standard layouts, ArmRLite has the flexibility to offer custom section heights and panel sizes. This means that lining up to adjacent windows, trim, or existing building façade is not an impossibility.

By providing our dealer/installers with maximum flexibility through custom options helps them meet the needs of their clients again and again. Not every project is simple and unique customer needs do not have to be subject to compromise or ignored. Contact us today regarding your unique project and learn more about our custom options.

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