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Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer: ArmRLite

July 9, 2014

As a leading overhead garage door manufacturer, ArmRLite has grown and evolved with our industry for over half a century. We are the only manufacturer to combine tubular extrusions and heli-arc welding and remain, to this day, the only overhead garage door manufacturer in the United States to do so. Our welded construction allows our doors to outperform our competitors standard thru-bolted models year after year and last decades longer.

Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer: A Legacy of Innovation

Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer - ca 1960's     In Overhead garage door manufacturer - ca 1970's fiber1958, ArmRLite began as an overhead garage door manufacturer producing exclusively welded aluminum and glass models. Through the 1960’s ArmRLite provided the bulk of the aluminum doors installed on gas stations and service stations across the United States. If your car has been serviced in a Gulf, Shell, or Jiffy Lube that was built in the mid 1960’s-80’s, chances are you have seen our doors and they are still in operation. The 1960’s also saw the addition of wood and fiberglass doors to ArmRLite’s product line. Although we no longer manufacturer wooden overhead doors, our Arm-R-Lon fiberglass model is still a strong member of our aluminum model product line. The size our welded doors could be fabricated to expanded greatly in the 1970’s. These extended sizes allowed us to provided doors up to 30’ wide and offer our products to more diverse commercial and industrial applications.

Overhead garage door manufacturer - ca 1970'sOverhead garage door manufacturer - ca 1980'sThrough the 1980’s ArmRLite saw an impressive expansion into the residential and commercial steel door markets. We began to offer the first generation of what would later be known as our H-16 and H-20 insulated commercial steel models. We also began offering insulated and non-insulated raised panel residential steel models for homeowners as well.

From the 1990’s onwards, ArmRLite experienced a boom in innovation. Products such as our exclusive welded carriage house model gave our customers more freedom in designing the look of their carriage style doors, an option that is very limited for standard steel carriage house models, as well as a longer lasting product. The Aluminarc model was also added at this time to cater to custom projects with arched openings. Since 2007 ArmRLite has introduced an abundance of new products such as our ADA walk-through door and Energy Efficiency Overhead garage door manufacturer - ca 1990'sPackage that cannot be copied or mimicked by a lower quality overhead garage door manufacturer. Our latest innovations for 2013-2014 include Crank-out windows, a high performance motor, and acoustical options that are unique to ArmRLite and are quickly growing in demand. Though the way in which we manufacture our doors remains the same since 1958, our exclusive welded construction affords ArmRLite the ability to offer newer and better innovations to dealers, architects, owners, and contractors year after year.

overhead garage door manufacturer - ca 2000'sPlease click here if you are interested in checking out more of our custom options. You can also request a quote online for our exclusive welded aluminum doors for your project if needed. ArmRLite is pleased to be our industry’s leading innovative overhead garage door manufacturer.

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