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How Can ArmRLite be a Consultant for Architects and Garage Door Dealers?

How Can ArmRLite be a Consultant for Architects and Garage Door Dealers?

August 28, 2020

ArmRLite has been manufacturing high quality overhead sectional doors for more than half a century. However, it did not take 60 years for us to find out that garage doors and the projects that need them are not always as simple as one would assume. It’s for that reason ArmRLite is known not only for our high product quality, but also for the unmatched quality of our customer support.

The ArmRLite sales and architectural support teams can provide one on one consultant support for both architects at the design phase of a project as well as to the garage door dealers installing our doors. How do we accomplish such intensive customer support like this? Highly trained staff that know our products. Nothing is worse than calling a company to ask a question about their products and getting stuck in a transfer loop or worse.

Knowledgeable Staff and High Quality Garage Door Design Support

How much headroom does a door with an ADA pass door need? What is the maximum width of the Custom CI Model? Is it possible to get 125mph windload on a 12 x 10 aluminum and glass door? What is spandrel glass? Is ¼” laminated glass considered safety glass? Can your door be painted to match Valspar Copper Reflection 399C209? Our Sales and Architectural Support staff members are trained to answer these questions and more, no multiple transfers needed.

Architects are encouraged to reach out to our Architectural Liaison team members as early in a project as possible. Consulting on projects early allows architects to understand and design for the opening and clearance requirements before bid documents are released or construction starts. It also allows architects to design and specify the product they need without having to scrabble around down the road to find something that might work with their building code requirements.

ArmRLite door installers are always welcome to contact our sales staff with any questions on our products. Sales team members can make recommendations as well as advise on limitations and requirements for custom applications. Engineering support is also available in the form of shop drawings. However, we do strongly advise installers to only order shop drawings when they a firm contract for the project. If you are an installer in need of shop drawings, please contact our sales staff by phone or through our website contact form.

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