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Glass Sectional Doors: Insulated for Every Climate

Glass Sectional Doors: Insulated for Every Climate

December 10, 2020

Historically, if a project needed an overhead sectional door that was insulated the options were limited to loading dock type textured steel doors or cookie cutter raised panel residential doors. Neither door type offered much in the way of customization, glass options, or layout. Over the years, the garage door industry has better adapted to the demand for more modern, visually appealing insulated products by offering aluminum and glass garage doors. However, not all aluminum and glass garage doors available on the market today are made the same; nor do they offer the same insulation benefits.

ArmRLite Advantage: Insulated Glass Sectional Doors

Here at ArmRLite, pushing the envelope when it comes to overhead sectional doors is at the heart of one of our three core values: Customization. We take the word “impossible” as a personal challenge and continue to evolve our products to better meet the needs and expectations of all our customers. Tackling the concept of an insulated glass sectional door is one example.

While for most manufacturers the insulation benefits of a glass garage door begin and end with simple ½” thick insulated glass units, ArmRLite has stepped over that low bar to offer something better. Our welded aluminum glass sectional doors are able to accept not only the typical ½” thick insulated glass, but a full 1” thick insulated unit as well. The larger the air space in a glass unit, the better the thermal performance of that unit. We’re also able to supply insulated units with a nearly endless combination of low E coatings, tints, and frosted options as well as infill argon gas rather than air.

While insulated glass can help with the thermal performance of a door, the glass is only one part of the assembly. Our 4-sided extrusions that make up the aluminum frame of our glass sectional doors is available either standard hollow or upgraded with polyurethane expanding foam insulation as part of our Energy Efficiency Package depending on the project’s individual needs.

In addition, for projects that are in areas or states with NFRC label or testing requirements ArmRLite can supply a tested product with listed U-factor, SHGC, VT, and air infiltration data. Please consult with a sales team member prior to specifying a tested glass sectional door product to ensure your requirements are addressed and specifications are accurate.

If you are interested in learning more about ArmRLite’s insulated glass sectional doors, please contact us or you can request a quote through our web based contact form.

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