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Glass Sectional Doors: Functional, Safe & Beautiful

Glass Sectional Doors: Functional, Safe & Beautiful

December 17, 2020

Glass garage doors have evolved by leaps and bounds since they first became available in the 1920’s. No longer used solely on service stations or lube shops, the applicability of overhead sectional doors has grown to include restaurants, homes, fire stations, municipal buildings, art and cultural centers and even architectural marvels like the Hudson Yards project in NYC.

ArmRLite Advantage: Functional and Efficient Glass Sectional Doors

Due to the current COVID pandemic, many restaurants are struggling to find a way to survive and comply with the ever growing list of restrictions and requirements coming from officials. Erecting outdoor eating structures is one way the restaurant industry has adapted to these changes. While some are intended to be temporary, many businesses are choosing to build more permanent structures to get the most out of their investments. Permanent structures though have a number of hurdles to overcome: They must be adaptable due to changing regulations, they must be functional throughout the seasons, and they must be safe and comfortable for patrons all year long.

ArmRLite’s glass garage doors have been a boon for the restaurant industry due in large part to our ability to provide custom products at a higher quality than competitors. Specifically our ADA compliant pass through door has helped restaurants make the most out of their indoor and outdoor spaces by allowing users to walk through the garage door rather than opening it. We can also provide operable awning windows or small swing out service windows if needed. For projects looking for energy efficiency, insulated glass and insulated rails and stiles are also possible with our glass garage doors. Restaurants have options in these trying times and don’t have feel limited with regard to the function, safety and curb appeal of their outdoor spaces.

If you have any questions regarding ArmRLite’s glass garage door or the options available for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our sales staff is here to help regardless of project stage. You can also ask for a quote using our online form or by phone at 800-554-5816.

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