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Glass Sectional Doors: Fresh Air for your Patrons

Glass Sectional Doors: Fresh Air for your Patrons

December 4, 2020

Glass sectional doors are available in a nearly endless combination of glass and finish options. ArmRLite is also able to design many of our doors to match custom layouts for applications that may want to line up with an adjacent storefront. While these options are impressive, some applications require more flexibility in how they can interact with their glass sectional doors.

Push-Out Awning Windows for Glass Sectional Doors

Having the ability to open and close an individual window pane on a garage door has been a wish list item for many applications for years. Cafés, restaurants, service stations, workshops, gyms, and residential applications desire the ability to let fresh air into their spaces without having to open the entire garage door. To meet this unique need, ArmRLite developed push-out awning windows for our aluminum and glass garage doors.

ArmRLite’s push out awning windows are manually operated and do not come with screens. Awning windows are opened from the inside only and fully close with the surface of the sectional door. Glass is available in frosted, clear, or tinted and with or without insulation. Awning windows can also be solid panel if desired and finished in anodize, powdercoat, faux wood, or any of our architectural paints.

ArmRLite’s awning windows cannot be retrofitted onto an existing door or section and are not compatible with competitor models.

For more information on our push-out awning windows, please feel free to contact our customer support team; we’d be glad to help answer any questions. Alternatively you are welcome to use our quote request form online to request pricing.

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