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Glass Sectional Doors: Enhance and Extend your Space

Glass Sectional Doors: Enhance and Extend your Space

November 19, 2020

Glass sectional doors and roll up doors of the past were traditionally associated with service station applications like Goodyear, Jiffy Lube and Valvoline. In recent years, applications for these doors has expanded sharply to include everything from art galleries to restaurants to office spaces and even to family homes. Designers, architects, homeowners and business owners have come to see a level of value in glass sectional and roll up doors beyond the traditional service station use.

Getting the Most out of your Space with a Glass Sectional Door

ArmRLite Glass Roll Up Doors for Extending and Enhancing a SpaceGlass sectional doors can be used to enhance and extend spaces by bringing the outside in. Solid exterior walls or stationary window systems that offer very little versatility can be adapted or replaced with a functioning glass sectional door. These door systems are designed to move, opening vertically upwards to extend usable space beyond what was once enclosed behind four walls.

Restaurants have increasingly found using glass sectional and roll up doors to separate their indoor dining space from their outdoor patio space helps to increase the value of both spaces. On nice days, the door can be opened, bringing the pleasant outside environment in. On days that are not ideal, the overhead glass door can be closed keeping the conditioned space separate.

In the face of new state regulations with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have also begun using glass sectional and roll up doors to enclose their outdoor spaces as well with the expectation to continue using their new outdoor dining area even after regulations have been lifted. By investing now in a product that offers flexibility, they are saving from having to redevelop the space later for continued use and in turn getting the most out of their initial investment.

Homeowners have also been pushing to enhance and extend their living spaces with glass sectional doors. Most often using them as counter door in a kitchen or in their Livingroom. Some homes are lucky enough to have magnificent views of nature or a stunning urban view that is often obscured by a wall or trapped behind a tiny window. With a glass sectional door, an outside space can be fully experienced by simply lifting the door.

If you are interested in ArmRLite glass sectional and roll up doors for your commercial or residential space, please feel free to contact us through our website or reach out by phone to (800)-554-5816. Our sales and support staff is here to help, regardless of your projects stage.

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