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Custom Finish Glass Garage Door

March 2, 2016

Custom finishes on glass garage doors can be difficult to navigate for those who are not quite sure what they want or need for their project. We’ve talked about powder coats and anodizes in some previous posts, but for this post we’ll focus on our custom Kynar® / Duranar® glass garage door finishes.

Custom Glass Garage Door Finish – Kynar® / Duranar® Architectural Coatings

Arm-R-lite’s custom Duranar®/Kynar® fluoropolymer extrusion coatings are two-coat systems consisting of a primer and durable color coat. These spray-applied extrusion coatings are formulated to provide optimum performance against weathering. XL coatings are recommended for highly corrosive environments such as seacoast applications. Duranar®/Kynar® coatings are also chemically inert providing resistance against fading.

Duranar®/Kynar® coatings can be custom mixed for color matches. If you’d like your garage door to match the siding on your home, your window treatments, or a specific accent color on your business Kynar® / Duranar® finishes are the way to go. If you can supply ArmRLite with a color swatch, we can custom match the color for you.

All of ArmRLite’s custom Kynar®/Duranar® finishes are warrantied for 20 years, except on installations within 1 mile of salt water.

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